Return of the Queen

The Block Estate

The Driveway

Sunday, June 9th


“We’re here!”, shouted Isaac.

I woke up suddenly at Bean’s barking, who was wagging her tail frantically in her Louis Vuitton dog carrier. My manicured hands reached to pick her up as Isaac opened the car door. I stepped out in my Kerrine White Moccasins and headed towards the door. The thought of entering my all-white bedroom with accents of purple, already made me feel at home. Five months ago, I had packed my bags and left Westchester to attend a boarding school in England, with the most elite horseback riding program. My head started to pound with ache knowing that Alicia would have to catch me up on the entire semester’s worth of gossip I missed. The excitement to be home started to bubble as I opened the front door and hurried towards my room to see… L-Landon Crane?

“Your parents let me in.”, he blurted, trying not to be creepy.

Bean pounced out of my arms and scurried around Landon.

“What are you doing here?”, I said softly.

Seriously, what was he doing here? My stomach twisted looking into those blue-green eyes for the first time in a whole year. Our relationship abruptly ended when the news that he had moved to Australia had hit me… and he never said goodbye. My heart was smashed into billions of little pieces when the first boy I’d ever fallen in love with left.

“Well, I guess we’re both back in Westchester, aren’t we?”, he smirked.

I felt the sides of my mouth start to form a smile.

“Don’t try that smirk with me right now”, my smile vanished. “Why didn’t you say bye to me?”, my eyes went from lovestruck to angry.

“Listen”, he inched closer. “I was protecting myself. Saying goodbye to you would’ve been unbearable. You think it was easy leaving you without telling you a word?”

“You should’ve thought of my feelings, not just yours.”

He pulled me close to him with his left arm around my waist and brought his right hand to my cheek. “We’re both here now. That’s all that matters.” Then his lips met mine.

I so badly wanted to forgive him but I couldn’t. How can someone just move to a new continent and not tell their own girlfriend? To make matters worse, no attempts were made to contact me or my family. I couldn’t bare all the questions, lunch gossip, and hall stares regarding us and I definitely could not expose any weakness. I would have became Octavian Country Day’s fresh alpha roadkill. The LBR’s would’ve be on the prowl to send me far down the social ladder. That’s why it’d been easier to just take the next flight to England. It was easier to forget about Alpha duties, OCD, Landon, and my social status, then to face rejection and all the doubt that came with Landon not telling me about his departure.

I shook my head and snapped out of it, “Get out.”

“W-What?”, he said with his arm still around my waist, and his hand still softly on my cheek.

“You heard me.”, I swatted his hands away and pointed to the door.

“C’mon Mass, it doesn’t have to be like that.”

“Landon, i’m not joking around.”

His face fell flat and he walked towards the door.

“Just know that i’m sorry, Mass.”

In my ash lavender Juicy Couture jumpsuit and my hair slicked back into a high pony, I was texting and lying on my king-sized bed. Gossip Girl episodes were playing in the background as I was typing away in the PC chat group, trying not to think about Landon. After hours of unpacking, finally re-uniting with my best friends (even if it was only over text) felt amazing. Talking to them was always comforting, and also a great distraction from whatever is troubling me.

(3) new texts from: LandonC

I didn’t dare swipe and read the messages. Last thing I needed right now, was a boy dragging me down. Instead, I walked over to my mannequin and scanned over the outfit that I would be wearing to my returning day at OCD. It was a definite ten. If the girls were here to rate the outfit themselves, they’d be in agreement with me. Jumping back onto my bed, I grabbed my iPhone 5s and stared at the screen.

(5) new texts from: LandonC

Rolling my eyes at his despair, I clapped the bedroom lights off and threw the phone onto my night table. I had a big day tomorrow. Making my first entrance back had to be perfect or else I might as well go back to England. As badly as I wanted to read those texts and reply with all the feelings I still had for him, I couldn’t. Weakness is not my forte.

What did you think of the post? Is Landon and Massie a match made in heaven, or a match made for doom? Comment all your thoughts below ↓

I have a full  Pretty Committee, make sure you check out and follow their unbelievable blogs.

Make sure you ASK MASSIE all your advice questions and appear on my advice page.

Be sure to check out Spotlight on the Socialites!


The One and Only Alpha,



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Guess who’s back?

I’m back now, I’ve been gone for
The pain took over, it’s been
quite a trial.

I’ve missed the writings, I’ve missed
my friends,
I’m doing better now, so I can write
once again.

Pain takes it’s toll on the body
and soul,
If one is off, you don’t 
feel whole.

I’m sorry I haven’t stayed in touch,
But all the pain has been too much.

I am officially back and ready to write, I just couldn’t say goodbye.


The One and Only Alpha,

♦Massie Block♦


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Bonjour my lovelies, because this will be my last bonjour on this blog.

I’ve decided to quit MKX. I’m very very sorry because I know how much this might upset some of you, I know the feeling because I remember when my favorite blogger left and I didn’t understand why but now I do. I’ve just outgrown this whole clique thing. I outgrew it a long time ago but continued for my viewers who still enjoyed reading it so much. I’ve gotten to a point where coming on here and trying to write a post is such a drag. I don’t want it to have to be a drag, I want everything that I do to be from the heart and something that I enjoy and love doing. I’ve stopped loving this and I am done with this character. I am so sorry. I am creating a new role play character that much of you won’t be interested in. My plot will contain lots of mature content and it’s going to be nothing like Massie Block’s life.

P.S I  am still going on AIM to chat with my fellow bloggers. I just won’t be making posts here anymore.

I want to silently thank anybody who made my three year stay worthwhile (you all know who you are) and I especially want to thank xoxoAliciaHeartsYou. You’ve been the greatest beta and blogging partner in crime. We’re honestly best friends and even if I leave this does not mean you can’t still be great… because that’s what you are, you are GREAT. I’ve left my legendary mark on WordPress now it’s time for you to. You’ll still be my best friend and I’ll still continue to talk to you and tell you everything about my life. I love you xoxoAHY, and I love all of you who are reading. This experience was entirely amazing.




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The Alpha Files: The Final Round

Congratulations to:

for moving onto the next round of The Alpha Files.

Again, congratulations to our TOP TWO.

The Final Challenge

This round will be completely dedicated to blog design because I am unbelievably picky and OCD about blog appearance and makeovers. As a partner, I’m going to need to have someone alongside me who can help me with headers and backgrounds especially when I’m terrible busy. This next challenge is going to be difficult to explain so viewers if you don’t understand it completely, I apologize! I have opened an account on WordPress with two blogs on it. The two blogs are there for you BOTH to create your own design for The Alpha Files. It does not mean that these designs will be used on the official blog but it’s just to get a feel of how creative you are, aesthetically.

Aurora and Rachel, you will be sent information like the username and password privately.

Challenge should be completed by April.26th.

Side note:

For those who have a mature level of reading and take an interest in film or writing please visit these blogs created by Kimberly Viveiros’

All credits to my new header go to LMB/! She created the header.

The One and Only Alpha,

♦Massie Block♦



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The Alpha Files: Round Five

Congratulations to:

for moving onto the next round of The Alpha Files.


I just wanted to first make a note that this was a very difficult decision and it was not easy saying goodbye to these two wonderful bloggers. You’ve had an amazing journey and I hope nothing but great happiness and joy comes with your WordPress experiences.

We are now at the TOP THREE, which means you three need to give it your all. Competition will be fiercer than ever, but let’s hope you all do the best you possibly can. We are only two more rounds away from finding out who will be my fabulous partner alongside with me for my new blog The Alpha Files.

Your next challenge is,

I’d like to see how creative and original you guys can be, so i’m going to give you an introductory paragraph or two and you will have to continue the story yourself. Make up your own twists and turns or characters. You’ll basically be writing a short story. I’ll give you two weeks to gather your thoughts, create drafts and perfect it. My wonderful beta, XOXOAHY, wrote the introductory for me.

Five beautiful girls were scattered around Massie’s bedroom.  Massie was putting her finishing touch on her outfit: her charm bracelet, Alicia was busy staring at her reflection in the mirror, and everyone else was eyeing Massie to see when she would talk.  None of them knew what she would say next.  She was in mental shock after hearing her parents tell her that Isaac was off-limits to her for the next week.  All Massie told them was that they needed to have theirr hair and makeup done, and cute outfits that were perfect 10’s.  None of them had any idea why.

 “Massie… where are we going and what are we doing? We have no way of getting anywhere without Isaac and no one else’s drivers can take us anywhere… spill!”  Claire finally pushed her to say something.

 “Let’s go girls! We have somewhere very important to be.  Trust me, it’ll be fun and worth going to” Massie replied, smirking.  So the five of them hurried down the stairs and out the door.


Challenge is due April.7th.

Goodluck to all.

The One and Only Alpha,

♦Massie Block♦


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The Alpha Files: Round Four

Congratulations to:

for moving onto the next round of The Alpha Files.

We are now at the TOP FIVE, which means we are four more rounds away from finding out who will be my fabulous partner alongside with me for my new blog The Alpha Files.

Your next challenge is to answer the following questions in a post:

What inspired you to create a WordPress blog?

What will you bring to The Alpha Files, that the other girls may not be able to offer?

Why would you like to be my partner?

Tell me about yourself. Talk about anything you’d like to do with YOU. Your personality, your interests/hobbies, your dislikes, your likes, your favorite things, etc.

Since this challenge is fairly simple since the last challenge was a bit stressful, I’ll give you one week to complete your challenge. You have until March.16th to publish it, and on the 17th I will hopefully post the results.

Good luck my dolls.


 On another note, I haven’t written an actual post in so long due to The Alpha Files, but since it is Spring Break I do have an ah-mazing vacation in mind, that I will be making one or two posts about. Since I’ll be posting actual posts, just a reminder to the contestants or followers to just scroll past them to read the previous Alpha Files post if needed.

The One and Only Alpha,

♦Massie Block♦


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The Alpha Files: Round Three

Congratulations to:

for moving onto the next round of The Alpha Files.

Luck has been on your side this round since whoever entered a post was immediately accepted for the next round. The huge list has been shortened down to six due to disqualifications from not entering in a a post. We’re closer to getting to our  big winner ladies!

For your next challenge, I’d like to see how you all answer to advice questions. Advice is going to take a HUGE part in The Alpha Files. Below, I will give you three examples of an advice question I would usually get. Pick ONE out of the three I give you and provide a thorough answer with your best advice.

Advice Question #1

Hey! This is a huge emergency for my reputation. I’m pretty much a plain jane, i’m not a loser but not popular either. I want to be more than just a regular girl now. How do I form/start my own clique, and how do I become more popular? Or  how can I become friends with the popular girl at school? I don’t want to become a materialistic and snobby b!tch though! HELP! Also, how can I get my crush to notice me!?

Advice Question #2

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 2.36.32 PM

There is only one way to say this. My fashion sense is absolutely horrid, and don’t get me started on how I take care of myself. I have no idea where to shop without blowing my entire wallet, and what kind of beauty products should I be using!?  My hair looks the same every single day, what kind of hair styles should I do? All the girls in my school look so put together, why can’t I do that!? ACCA-THIS IS URGENT!

Advice Question #3

All my friends have VS Angel bodies and i’m kind of just there. I want to get the body I want but I don’t want to starve myself or become obsessed about it.  How can I shed some weight and tone up my body without turning towards the unhealthy options. Please help, I don’t want to be insecure anymore.

Your post/entry will be due on March.9th and I will judge and hopefully post results on March.10th.

Good luck.

The One and Only Alpha,

♦Massie Block♦


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