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I know it’s not typical or normal for me to do this, but this post is more of an announcement post rather than one that goes with my story-line.  I will get back to that in the next post, though, I promise.

This post is to inform all of my readers that I am officially looking for a new Pretty Committee!  All PC spots are open and ready to be auditioned for.  Just head to me PC page to check it out.  I was thinking about just solo blogging, but I realized it wouldn’t be near as fun to be an alpha if there was no one else in my PC to write with.

Looking forward to seeing applications!  Please feel free to email me or send me a message on AIM if you have any questions or comments about it.

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Here Comes Trouble

The Ryder Property

The Patio


Remember that time when I promised the twins pizza and champagne for helping me out? Yeah, well, the week after spring break, they decided to hold me to it and finally clue them in on mine and Leesh’s brilliant plan.  I thought they had forgotten all about it since I already fulfilled the bigger “I owe you” by going on that date with Cody.  Apparently they were hungry for more, for lack of better words.

 So that’s how Leesh, Kristen, Dylan, and I ended up at the boys’ estate for an evening of fun and games, as we worded to our parents.  Claire had gone down to Florida due to the illness of her grandmother, which I completely understood.  I for one would be devastated if anything would happen to my grandmother before I had a chance to spend more time with her, so we all told C that we would just keep her updated on what was happening here in Westchester.  And Katarina had family plans, which gave us the perfect opportunity to be able to be with both of the twins at the exact same time.

“So can you finally tell us why we can’t be seen together around her?” Carson asked.

“We told you before, Car.  It’s so that you don’t ruin the bigger picture, the bigger scheme,” Leesh smirked and rolled her eyes as if it were obvious.

“…which is? Tell us, will you?” Cody turned his body to face me and gave me a puppy dog look.  Gawd, it just made him even more irresistible when he did that…nawt that I’d ever actually tell him that.  That’s my little secret.

“Would we bring you free pizza and drinks if we were just going to sit here and mess with you more? No. That’d be a waste of a food.  Ah-v course we’re going to tell you!” Dylan laughed.

“Go for it, Mass,” Kristen nodded.

“Oh-kay. So, the reason why you can’t be seen together, Carson, is because she can’t know you have a twin.  And she can’t know you have a twin because you two are going to be performing the ultimate twin-swap in order to ruin her social reputation, get her sent back to wherever the hell she came from, and get revenge for when she blackmailed us and tried to ruin our own reputations,” I explained, proud of each and every one of the details of this plan.

“One of these days when Carson’s in the hallway at school with Kat,” Kristen picked up where I left off, “we’re going to distract her and give a signal to you two to switch places.  Granted, this means you’d have to wear the same clothes that day and then just change into different outfits later. Minor detail.  Anyways, once you switch places, she’ll go back to talking to Cody as if he’s Carson and whenever she leans in for a kiss, let her.  But as soon as she does, you’ll push her off and get mad at her for doing that.  Carson will then stroll in on cue and make a scene about her cheating on him with his twin and how she could ever think that it would be okay.  Stuff like that…”

“We’ll get it on camera, make her want to leave after her social life is ruined, and then everything can go back to normal.”

“And no backing out now, boys.  You already cashed in your prizes for helping us out,” I smirked.

I made it a point to stare straight at Cody when I mentioned that, but quickly had to look away to keep myself from blushing or smiling when he winked at me in return.

“Guys, I feel kind of bad.  She’s my dad’s associate’s friend.  I’m supposed to be making sure she’s doing well here in Westchester…” Leesh trailed off, biting her lip out of nervousness.

“Are you forgetting that this girl stole your phone and used the info on it to use us for her own gain?” Dylan lectured a reminder to the beta.

“And just like that the guilt disappeared,” Leesh rolled her eyes, remembering how much she dislikes the faux PC member.

“Well, we’re in still,” Carson nodded as he picked up another slice of pepperoni pizza.  “Just tell us when to do what and we’re golden.”

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Spring makeover will be coming soon. Keep an eye out!

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Nothing’s Ever As It Seems

Constance Billard & St. Jude

School Hallways


Fifth period had just ended and the hallways were filled with chatter.  Even more-so than usual seeing as how all of the students were still catching up from the recently ended winter break.  The school’s favorite “It Girls” were spotted by their pristine lockers, doing what they do best: gossiping and looking hawt.

I stared at the reflection of myself in the small-sized mirror hanging from my locker door.  A brand new Glossip Girl flavor had been waiting for me outside my estate’s front door this morning, so I figured I could try it out.  It was Spiced Bourbon, and it smelled wonderful.  As I applied it to my lips, it created a tinted but shining look – a flawless finish that I ah-dored.  I could hear the girls chatting in the background about how some girl got a nose-job or boob-job or something, but it faded from my mind when I saw a reflection of Kris’s face in my mirror, looking kind of upset.

Turning around to face her, I wanted to see what was up.

“Why the gloomy look, Kris? Need some gloss to turn that frown into a sparkling smile?” I asked, holding out the tube of lip gloss for my blonde friend to take.

“What I need is my boyfriend.  I miss him…” she confessed.

“Connor misses you too, and you know that.  Talk to him lately?”

“No, but we have a Facetime date tonight…” she trailed off.

“So just keep that in the back of your mind and smile knowing that you get to see him tonight, well, technically speaking,” Alicia butted in.  She was right.

“What’s going on tonight?” Carson slinked on over to where we were standing, as if right on cue, and slid his arm around Katarina’s waist.  It was just enough to make Massie want to barf.  Her attention, thankfully, was sent to her phone though, which had begun buzzing from a text.

“Nothing, I don’t think.  Mass?” Katarina turned to me as she asked, but her words passed straight through my ears as my eyes scanned the text message over and over.

Cody: Wishing that was me with my arm around you?

I looked around, spotting the other twin down the hall just as he walked into his next class. 

Shaking my head, I looked back down at the phone screen and began to respond, but I somehow couldn’t hold back a slight smile.  It was just something about him.

Massie: Me wish? No. But obviously you do.

“Uh hello! Earth the Massie Block!” Kat raised her voice.

“Yeah, sorry,” I insincerely apologized.  “Uh, Leesh and I are having Alpha-Beta time at my place to talk boys.” And to talk further details about the where the ‘Get Rid Of Katarina Plan’ would be taking place, she silently added in her own mind. “Other than that, no Pretty Committee stuff.”


The bell rang off, signaling that it was time for all of the students to get to their next class.  I closed my locker door, gently as to not knock down the mirror, and pulled my bag back over my shoulder.

“See you 7th period,” Dylan waved as she and Claire went off in one direction to their class, while the rest of us split off into separate classrooms in the hall they were already in.  The good news was, Katarina wasn’t in my next class…the bad news was, Cody was in it.  But maybe, just maybe, that wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Drama will be coming soon…

…Alpha’s Promise.

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Returning The Favor

The Westchester Country Club

Mahogany Dining Room


What no one realizes, not even my best friends in the Pretty Committee, is that even an alpha needs a break sometimes.  A break from the meddling, a break from the scheming, a break from the revenge, a break from the drama…just a break — even if it’s for a short while.

That’s what I was doing tonight, taking a break.  I got all dressed up and was determined to enjoy my night out.  For a split second, when I was getting ready to leave the estate earlier, I wished I had been going out by myself for once.  However, as soon as I stepped out of the Range Rover and through the entrance of the Westchester Country Club, I was happy to see the person standing in front of me, waiting to meet me for dinner.

He pulled me into a close embrace before complimenting how ‘lovely and beautiful’ (his words) I looked.  I smiled and said thank you, as one should always accept a compliment, and returned the compliment by letting him know that I was impressed with how nice he can clean up; I’d never seen him in suite before.  The bow tie was a nice touch, different than the typical tie that every other guy wears to dinner here.

“Massie Block. I have a reservation for 2,” I told the hostess.  She smiled, grabbed two menus, and led us back through the elegant dining room to a table on the room’s upper platform, at special request.  The upper platform was reserved for those willing to pay more, which I was more than happy to do in order to get the privacy that I so desired.

“Never did I think that a date would be your request for the favor that I owed you, Cody,” I confessed, breaking the silence.“Never did I think that Carson would be okay with that, either, considering you’re getting the reward while he’s doing the work…” I slyly added as I pulled my loose, chocolate-colored bangs behind my ear.  To my dismay, they fell straight back to where they’d been a few seconds before.

“Well our deal got him a girl.  Why shouldn’t it get me one, too?” Cody replied with a wink of his eye and a smile on his face.

“All I’m doing is holding my side of the bargain,” I smirked and slightly innocently, but slightly flirtatiously, waved my pointer finger up at him.  “Never said you’d get a girl, only a date.”

“But sweetheart, a date is a start.  I’ll get the girl soon enough.”

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Sorry for such a short post! Between Christmas and the upcoming New Year’s Eve and New Year in a few days, I haven’t had too much time to sit and write anything long, so this will have to do.  I think it works though.

Think anything more will happen with these two?  Or will things remain as they were before this date?

Also, there’s 2 new spots open in my PC! Check out my PC page for more info.

We have a new Kristen, though! Her link is also listed on my PC page.

Look for a new post next week.

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Giving Thanks For The Better Things In Life

The Block Estate

The Dining Room

Thanksgiving Day


“Girls, since you all seem to be done eating, you’re free to go relax in the cabana. Inez already has everything all set up in there for tonight and she put all of your sleepover bags in there, as well,” Kendra eloquently spoke.

I scooted my seat out from near the table as to give myself enough room to gracefully leave the table and smoothed my sweater dress out as I thanked my parents for allowing us to leave.

“That is, unless you girls would want to watch the football games with us?” Claire’s dad added.

Ew. No thanks,” Alicia scoffed.

I only rolled my eyes and smirked at her response.  Us? Watching football? Yeah right. We wouldn’t be caught dead doing that unless there were HARTs present — which there weren’t.  Though Todd sure likes to think of himself as one.  Guh-ross.  I wouldn’t have minded if Katarina had stayed and left us alone, however.  She may be known as a member of the PC, but I still don’t consider her to be one in my own mind.

Our heels clicked and clacked against the floor as we made our way through the estate and to the cabana, where we were planning to spend the rest of the night.  We’d talked earlier in the week and agreed on moving this week’s Friday Night Sleepover to Thursday night so that we could all hang out, get some beauty rest, and go Black Friday shopping together early the next morning. Perfect x10 plan.

“How cheesy was it when Kuh-laire’s dad had us go around the table and say what we were thankful for?” Dylan asked to no one in particular as we finally made it into the cabana.

“Hey, it may be cheesy but it’s tradition,” Claire defended.

“Ah-bviously my own dad liked it enough to declare it a Block tradition from now on, too,” I added.  “Eh-ma-gawd, Inez grabbed the wrong pillow from my bed.  Kat, would you be a doll and go get the other one on my bed for me? Thanks.”

A few seconds after she left, I felt like I could finally breathe again for just a few minutes.

“There was one thing I couldn’t say I was thankful for at dinner that I’d like to say.”

“Which is…?” Kris asked.

“That I’m beyond thankful that we’ve finally figured out a plan to get rid of our former blackmailer,” I seethed.

“And the twins are fully willing to go along with it, correct?” Alicia asked.

“Correct.  They’re both more than willing — as long as I hold up my end of the bargain.  For something like this, I definitely will.”

Click, click, click.

Shoot, she’s back.

“Anyways,” Dylan said, changing the subject real quick before Kat returned to the room, “which stores are we hitting first tomorrow?”

“Hmm,” I thought, pursing my lips together as if in deep thought, “I’m honestly not even sure.  All I do know is that we’re going to need a little something extra to keep us awake, so I told Inez to have Hot Peppermint Mochas in to-go mugs for us when we go to leave in the morning. Everyone okay with the drink choice?”

“Yum! J’adore peppermint mochas,” our little kitty Kat added as she sat on top of her chevron sleeping bag and slipped on her white, fuzzy VS PINK slippers.

“Perf.  Now let’s finally decide which stores and what order for the morning, shall we?”

something had to be done.

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Hopefully all of you lovelies who celebrate the holiday had an ah-mazing Thanksgiving!

Look for a new post next week.

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Over It

The Block Estate

Massie’s Room


“Ugh!! I swear to Gawd that girl knows exactly how to get under my skin!”

I threw my jacket onto the white couch in the corner of my bedroom and continued to stomp over to the Mac Desktop Computer which sat on the purple-accented desk next to my bed.

After typing in the password – which ahv course I needed in order to keep my alpha secrets/plans and the PC’s secrets from being found out by any snoopers – a picture of me and my best friend in the world lit up on the screen.  No not talking about any of the girls…I mean my furry friend, Bean.  Who also just happened to follow me up the stairs to my bedroom and was now sitting on my neatly-made bed.  It seemed as if Bean had this sixth sense type of thing — she always seemed to know when I was upset or angry and needed someone outside of my PC circle to vent to.

“I thought she was only supposed to be here for a month. But No. The little blackmailer just had to beg her daddy to stay for the rest of the semester.  A month was one thing, a semester is another.  Oh my god she better not ask to stay the whole year.  Don’t even get me started…gawd!!  I hate her. I absolutely hate her,” I vented.

My fingertips pounded on the keys of the bluetooth keyboard as fast as my mind and thoughts were racing.  Within a few seconds of being on the computer, I had already opened a new word document and was creating today’s Current State of the Union.

“We need to get rid of her! Like ASAP!! There’s no way in hell that I’m going to allow her to stay in our my clique after what she did to even get our attention, to steal away my beta who’s been acting all buddy-buddy with her lately, and try to take away the guys in my life.  If she thinks she can get away with all of that, she has another thing coming for her.”

I typed the final words and saved in to the new folder titled “November 2015” on my desktop.

“Am I right, Bean, or am I right?!”

The yip and woof I received in return were all I needed to confirm that something had to be done.

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Wow it has certainly been a while since I’ve last posted and I sincerely apologize for that. School has been beyond crazy and busy and I needed to put that first.

New makeover and new Face-Claim in case you haven’t noticed!

The position of Kristen Gregory is now open in my Pretty Committee if anyone would like to apply!

Click the following links to see my Pretty Committee’s blogs:

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What the Bitch Wants, The Bitch Shall Get

The Harrington Estate

Backyard Patio


The thumping bass of the music drowned out the further away from the dance floor I got.  Kristen and Dylan had gone to get a few drinks, whilst Alicia was off with Katarina dragging along behind her like a younger sibling that you wish would just leave you alone.  As for Claire, I honestly had no idea where she’d gone off to.  It was getting late into the night, and as the debut of our new Pretty Committee member seemed to have gone overwhelmingly well, it had seemed like the perfect time to slip away from the dance floor myself and start on part 3 of Kat’s demands: the HART.  And I had just the “pur-fect” person in mind for our new little Kitty Kat.

Stopping occasionally to talk to familiar faces, I made my way around the huge maze of people in the backyard of Darrington’s estate.  After circling the premises, the side-parted and slightly spiked blonde hair and strong bone-structure of a good friend’s face popped out of the crowd.  I strut my way towards him and, as I got closer, another blonde haired, light eyed boy came into view next to the first.

“Cody!  Carson!  Soo nice to see you again,” I rang out as the exchange of hugs began.

“Haven’t heard much from you since your own party, Massie,” Cody pointed out as he slung his arm around my shoulders.

“Well, you know, it’s best to keep a low profile for a short while after something like that.  You two should know that better than anyone…” I laughed as I took the drink cup from his hand, took a sip, and slipped it back to him.

As I smirked at him, they both just shook their heads at me and chuckled.  It felt so good to see them again, especially since I’d barely even seen them at my party.  But as I looked, their images started to blur together – nothing new.

“Gawd, how is it possible that the two of you look even more alike now than at the beginning of the summer?!”  I asked.

Again, all they did was look at each other before looking at me and chuckling again.  They loved to confuse me; it had become a fun game to them throughout the spring of junior year last year.  I simply rolled my eyes in response.

“Anyways, I have a favor to ask of you, Carson.  You boys saw our new clique member, correct?  I believe I caught one of you staring at her from the staircase earlier…”

“Yeah huh,” they both simultaneously agreed.

“Well, I need you to get her number, take her on a date, get to know each other, and so on and so forth.”

“Why?” Carson asked.

“It’s a very long story that I promise to explain over pizza and champagne sometime soon, but if you do this for me, I will owe you big time.  Like, anything you want at all,” I pushed.

“Yeah, you better owe me something. But for you, I’ll do it,” he said as nudged me.

“Thank gawd. Thank you times ten! Uhm…there’s a slight catch though…” I muttered. “She can’t know that you’re a twin…she can’t see you boys together, you can’t talk about being a twin or having a twin, nada. Zip. Nuh-thing.  Again, long story that will be explained with champagne.  But please do this one thing for me.” I poured out.

“As long as you hold your word to giving us anything we want in return, it’s a deal,” Carson reached out his hand to shake on it.  I did the same, smiled, and thanked them both.

“Fantastic, now to go introduce you to each other.  Let’s go,” I chimed, grabbing their hands and leading them back inside the crowded house.

The Block Estate

Massie’s Bedroom


“So Kat, what’d you think of Carson? Isn’t he a charmer?” I asked the newly-madeover girl on Skype during my clique’s six-way call.  We hadn’t talked too much since the party a couple of days ago, and it was the night before the first day back at school, so we ah-v course had to carry on our tradition of Skype-ing to figure out first day outfits and catch up on drama and gossip.

“He certainly is.  I like him so far and I even got his number,” she smirked.  “I knew you would come through on that part of our deal.”

It was almost impossible to not purse my lips and roll my eyes at her.  Ugh!

“Take it from me, he’s a pretty special guy,” I winked.

What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her…yet.

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Still working on getting into an actual posting schedule.  Been distracted with school and outside activities lately.

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