Over It

The Block Estate

Massie’s Room


“Ugh!! I swear to Gawd that girl knows exactly how to get under my skin!”

I threw my jacket onto the white couch in the corner of my bedroom and continued to stomp over to the Mac Desktop Computer which sat on the purple-accented desk next to my bed.

After typing in the password – which ahv course I needed in order to keep my alpha secrets/plans and the PC’s secrets from being found out by any snoopers – a picture of me and my best friend in the world lit up on the screen.  No not talking about any of the girls…I mean my furry friend, Bean.  Who also just happened to follow me up the stairs to my bedroom and was now sitting on my neatly-made bed.  It seemed as if Bean had this sixth sense type of thing — she always seemed to know when I was upset or angry and needed someone outside of my PC circle to vent to.

“I thought she was only supposed to be here for a month. But No. The little blackmailer just had to beg her daddy to stay for the rest of the semester.  A month was one thing, a semester is another.  Oh my god she better not ask to stay the whole year.  Don’t even get me started…gawd!!  I hate her. I absolutely hate her,” I vented.

My fingertips pounded on the keys of the bluetooth keyboard as fast as my mind and thoughts were racing.  Within a few seconds of being on the computer, I had already opened a new word document and was creating today’s Current State of the Union.

“We need to get rid of her! Like ASAP!! There’s no way in hell that I’m going to allow her to stay in our my clique after what she did to even get our attention, to steal away my beta who’s been acting all buddy-buddy with her lately, and try to take away the guys in my life.  If she thinks she can get away with all of that, she has another thing coming for her.”

I typed the final words and saved in to the new folder titled “November 2015” on my desktop.

“Am I right, Bean, or am I right?!”

The yip and woof I received in return were all I needed to confirm that something had to be done.

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Wow it has certainly been a while since I’ve last posted and I sincerely apologize for that. School has been beyond crazy and busy and I needed to put that first.

New makeover and new Face-Claim in case you haven’t noticed!

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What the Bitch Wants, The Bitch Shall Get

The Harrington Estate

Backyard Patio


The thumping bass of the music drowned out the further away from the dance floor I got.  Kristen and Dylan had gone to get a few drinks, whilst Alicia was off with Katarina dragging along behind her like a younger sibling that you wish would just leave you alone.  As for Claire, I honestly had no idea where she’d gone off to.  It was getting late into the night, and as the debut of our new Pretty Committee member seemed to have gone overwhelmingly well, it had seemed like the perfect time to slip away from the dance floor myself and start on part 3 of Kat’s demands: the HART.  And I had just the “pur-fect” person in mind for our new little Kitty Kat.

Stopping occasionally to talk to familiar faces, I made my way around the huge maze of people in the backyard of Darrington’s estate.  After circling the premises, the side-parted and slightly spiked blonde hair and strong bone-structure of a good friend’s face popped out of the crowd.  I strut my way towards him and, as I got closer, another blonde haired, light eyed boy came into view next to the first.

“Cody!  Carson!  Soo nice to see you again,” I rang out as the exchange of hugs began.

“Haven’t heard much from you since your own party, Massie,” Cody pointed out as he slung his arm around my shoulders.

“Well, you know, it’s best to keep a low profile for a short while after something like that.  You two should know that better than anyone…” I laughed as I took the drink cup from his hand, took a sip, and slipped it back to him.

As I smirked at him, they both just shook their heads at me and chuckled.  It felt so good to see them again, especially since I’d barely even seen them at my party.  But as I looked, their images started to blur together – nothing new.

“Gawd, how is it possible that the two of you look even more alike now than at the beginning of the summer?!”  I asked.

Again, all they did was look at each other before looking at me and chuckling again.  They loved to confuse me; it had become a fun game to them throughout the spring of junior year last year.  I simply rolled my eyes in response.

“Anyways, I have a favor to ask of you, Carson.  You boys saw our new clique member, correct?  I believe I caught one of you staring at her from the staircase earlier…”

“Yeah huh,” they both simultaneously agreed.

“Well, I need you to get her number, take her on a date, get to know each other, and so on and so forth.”

“Why?” Carson asked.

“It’s a very long story that I promise to explain over pizza and champagne sometime soon, but if you do this for me, I will owe you big time.  Like, anything you want at all,” I pushed.

“Yeah, you better owe me something. But for you, I’ll do it,” he said as nudged me.

“Thank gawd. Thank you times ten! Uhm…there’s a slight catch though…” I muttered. “She can’t know that you’re a twin…she can’t see you boys together, you can’t talk about being a twin or having a twin, nada. Zip. Nuh-thing.  Again, long story that will be explained with champagne.  But please do this one thing for me.” I poured out.

“As long as you hold your word to giving us anything we want in return, it’s a deal,” Carson reached out his hand to shake on it.  I did the same, smiled, and thanked them both.

“Fantastic, now to go introduce you to each other.  Let’s go,” I chimed, grabbing their hands and leading them back inside the crowded house.

The Block Estate

Massie’s Bedroom


“So Kat, what’d you think of Carson? Isn’t he a charmer?” I asked the newly-madeover girl on Skype during my clique’s six-way call.  We hadn’t talked too much since the party a couple of days ago, and it was the night before the first day back at school, so we ah-v course had to carry on our tradition of Skype-ing to figure out first day outfits and catch up on drama and gossip.

“He certainly is.  I like him so far and I even got his number,” she smirked.  “I knew you would come through on that part of our deal.”

It was almost impossible to not purse my lips and roll my eyes at her.  Ugh!

“Take it from me, he’s a pretty special guy,” I winked.

What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her…yet.

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Still working on getting into an actual posting schedule.  Been distracted with school and outside activities lately.

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Playing Nice and Faking Smiles

Slice of Heaven Pizza Shop

Westchester, NY


Bradley, who was in the seat beside me, took my hand in his – instantly calming my nerves.  Too bad there was still a big knot tied up in my stomach.  But even with his comforting touch and smile, I still couldn’t peel my eyes away from the door.  The entire Pretty Committee and I were meeting our little devilish blackmailer, Katarina, here to tell her the “good news.”  Bradley – my new flirtation-ship (though I’m hoping it’ll become more) – and Jack – the new guy in Claire’s life thanks to my little lawbreaking party – had come along with us.  Bradley said it was for moral support, but I still think they just wanted the free pizza.

Alicia tapped my shin with her foot – which was easy for her to do from her seat across from me at our table – to get my attention, grabbed her phone off the table, and wiggled it around in her hand for a second to signal that an important text was coming my way in the PC group chat.

Leesh Rivera: Remind me again Y the boys R here when we’re meeting she-devil…
Massie Block: B-cuz…they need to C what she looks and acts like B4 her makeover. 1st impressions R everything.
Kuh-laire Lyons: Point!
Leesh Rivera: Ugh whatevs.  And Claire, stawp stealing my phrase!


I peeked up and snickered at Leesh’s ah-nnoyed look, but that snicker quickly faded when I saw her walk through the door of the pizza shop.  For a moment, I was hoping she wouldn’t show…

“Boys, can you please go order the pizzas now that our last guest has arrived?  You know the order. Thank you!” Alicia asked.

Getting up from our seats, Leesh and I strut over to her – stepping one designer heel in front of the other.

“Katarina…” I filed (faux smile, remember PC lingo!).  “How nice of you to finally join us…” I sneered.

As I performed a once-over of her, I definitely agreed with everything that Leesh had told us in my room the other night.  Terrible sense of style…I mean, worse x10 than Claire when she had first arrived at my estate.  Who knew there could be a worse outfit than overalls and Keds. Guh-ross to the tenth degree.  Her hair could use some serious highlights, and trimming; her split ends were probably noticeable from the moon.  She looked as if she wasn’t wearing any nail polish on her fingers.  And her teeth could use some serious whitening.  Oh gawd, we have a TON of work ahead of us with this makeover she’s requiring us to give her.  Well, at least she knows she’s in need of one.

“Well I just couldn’t resist when Alicia over here texted me about reaching an understanding,” she looked my Beta straight in the eyes as she said the words.

“And we do,” I agreed.  “As the top clique in the town, we don’t like to be messed with.  But we thought it in our best interests to agree to your terms.  Welcome to the Pretty Committee.”

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Sorry for posting on a Tuesday rather than my usual Monday.  I promise I will get back on an actual posting schedule soon.

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The Block Estate

The iPad


Massie's bed


Silence was all that had occurred ever since Dylan had called this emergency meeting.

The five of us were sprawled across the open space in my white and purple bedroom – Dylan and Alicia on the studio couch and Kristen, Claire, and I on my bed.  Grabbing my phone, I checked the time once again; Ten minutes had passed since we’d sat down.  Yet, not one word had been spoken.  Needless to say, my blood was starting to boil from frustration and aggravation.

I cocked an eyebrow – a “signature Massie look” as Claire often referred to it as – and finally broke the hush that had earlier descended upon us: “Dyl, what is it?  You know you can tell us anything and we’ll be here.”

The red-head stared back at me with wide, doe-like eyes.  What was said next shattered me like the glass in a broken mirror; but, of course, I couldn’t let my best friends see or know that.

“Someone knows,” Dylan confessed, “Someone knows about the party and we’re being blackmailed.”

I couldn’t move any part of my body.  My face became numb, my thoughts went blank, and my whole vocabulary melted out of reach from my brain, disallowing me to form any sentences or comprehensible phrases in response.

Pull it together, Massie.  They’re looking to you for guidance.  YOU are their alpha; they need a fearless leader. They need you.  Say something!


“I, I only have a first name,” Dylan stuttered.

“Better than nothing. First name. Now.

“Katarina.  Again, I don’t know a last name.  But she did say she was living with you for a while, Leesh,” Dylan spilled the info she was told.

I saw my beta slam her phone down on the arm of the couch, her face turning much more red than its usual glowing tan.

“That little…..she-devil!! I knew she took my phone earlier!  Ah-v course my ridiculous parents would invite the girl who wants to ruin our lives and social hierarchy to live with us, ah-v course they would.  The little puta,” Leesh moaned.  I couldn’t tell who she was more angry at: Katarina or her own parents.  Though, I’d probably say the girl.

I hurried over to my desk and opened my laptop.  As I typed in the password to open up the main screen, I asked Dylan yet another question.

“Dylan, you said blackmail, which requires demands.  What does she want?”

“An elite makeover, to be a member of the Pretty Committee, and a H.A.R.T hanging on her arm like a handbag,” Dylan rolled her eyes.

“Wonderful..” I muttered in the most unenthusiastic way possible.

I clicked on the Firefox icon in the doc at the bottom of the screen and pulled the fluffy, white chair out from under the desk.

“Leesh.  Get over here and pull up everything you can on this girl.  We need to know who we’re dealing with.”

As Alicia marched over to the desk, I sauntered over to the PA speaker on my wall and pressed the call button.

“Inez, I need some aspirin.  Now.”

We were going to find out who this girl was.  I could not let her mess with our social lives.

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

I’m starting to think a makeover is in order for this blog.  It’s been a couple months.  So maybe when my next post is up, a new makeover will be, too.

The PC page has been updated with a few new faceclaims and with an open audition spot for Claire Lyons!

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Almost Only Counts In Horseshoes

Galwaugh Farms

Outdoor Arena #2


horse legs

Clip clop clip clop clip clop.

The noises of Brownie’s hooves drove faster and faster as I pushed her to quicken her pace from a collected trot to an extended canter.  Beginning from the far end of the arena – the one closest the fields, not the barn – I directed her in a serpentine pattern.  As we closed in on the last curve of the dressage pattern, I nicked the side of her belly with the heel of my riding boot and tightened the leather reigns, cuing her to change to a collected canter.  A few seconds after she did as I signaled, I pushed into her left side with my left stirrup and boot and slightly pulled back the reigns to my own left hip.

The goal was to finally nail the dressage skill of a canter pirouette, which my team’s coach had been trying to instruct me on how to do for the past 5 weeks.  Each and every time that I think Brownie and I are going to do it, something small always messes it up.  Granted, not all of the blame can be placed on her; it’s the rider’s (aka my) fault too.  We’re a pair, a team, a duo – we have to accomplish it together.

As we moved as one in a circle, I could feel Brownie’s legs traveling further towards the white fence which encircled the arena.  Immediately I pulled her out of it and back into an extended canter.

Wrong again.  Why can’t  we get this right??

“It’s hot, and Brownie looks a little dehydrated,” a shouting voice sounded from the open barn doors.  It shook Massie out of her own negative thoughts.  “You’ve almost got it, so why don’t you take a rest?  Try again another time.”

I looked over and held my hand up over the tip of my riding helmet to shield the sun in order to see who it was.  Go figure, the one person I didn’t want to see me not doing the pirouette correctly was standing there, leaning up against the wooden barn: the coach of my competition team.

“Almost isn’t definite;  I need to get this before the next competition,” I hollered back after slowing my show horse to a walk, and eventually approaching the fence which separated my coach and I.

“…And you will, just not today.  Now hop on down and cool off.  Make sure to turn the fan on in Brownie’s stall before you lock her up for the day.  I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

“No, I’m going to do it one more time…and we’re going to get it.  You’ll see,” I argued back.  I was more persistent in my hobby than she liked me to be.  But then again, that’s what made me a great leader and therefore great team captain.

I directed Brownie once again into the routine we’d been practicing.  Extended canter into a serpentine shape, switch to a collected canter, then into the skin-crawling, nerve-racking pirouette.

I could’ve sworn that I felt my heart skip a beat every single second during the pirouette.  And I most definitely would have fainted if I hadn’t been so happy when we finally did it! There was no traveling, we stayed in the same little spot of the sandy arena during the skill and we did it! We accomplished our goal and I could guarantee that Brownie was as happy in her mind as I was in mine.

I looked over to see Coach smiling and clapping her hands together, applauding for our success.  She tipped her cowboy hat forward and yelled, “Now go get your partner some water.  She’s earned it.”

At a halt a few seconds later, I swung my leg over Brownie’s back and dismounted.  As we strolled back through the halls of the barn and made our way to her luxury-sized stall, the stable’s new intern joined us and informed me that he’d be taking my horse out to wash her once she gets some water.  While Brownie lapped up water from her trough, I quickly thanked him and checked my phone – just as I always did after a riding session.  Didn’t want to miss anything important.

Too late.  I re-read the newest message in our PC group chat and could feel a big pit forming in my stomach.

Dylan: iPad. Right now. 911.

shocked b&w michelle

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Wonder what’s in store for Massie and the girls when they meet up?  You’ll find out on Monday in my next post.

I have a new Alicia: http://aliciasanecdotes.wordpress.com !

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The Nail Concierge

Pedicure Salon Room


pedicure salon

With Alicia to my right, Dylan to my left, and Claire and Kristen next to them, I felt at ease.  I sunk into the cushions of the salon chair I was sitting in and let the massage rollers dig into the tense muscles of my back.  I needed this, and I think the others did too…

A tap on my knee grabbed my attention and directed it toward the lady who was now sitting on a stool in front of me.  I lifted my feet out of the spa bath and gently set them on top of the towel-clad cushion.  I then handed her the coral shaded polish that I had chosen from the polish rack on the wall, after-which I grabbed my phone and began scrolling through my social media apps.  The pedicurist did her job while I did mine, which was to stay on top of local happenings with GLUs.

My eyes peered at vacation photos, concert videos, Man Crush Monday pictures, various twitter statuses which complained about how the rain needs to leave New York for once, and many other statuses of various varieties.  Nothing mentioning the party or any trouble. Good.  Each of us have started to feel the nerves and angst finally slip away and that’s how we want it to stay.

My train of thought was somewhat interrupted when a tingling sensation trickled up from the bottom of my right foot through my legs and up my spine.  Looking up from my phone screen, I saw exactly what I expected.  The pedicurist had begun to exfoliate the sides and bottom of my heel and arch, two places at which I had recently become very ticklish.  If I didn’t do something to distract myself, I surely would begin to laugh in the next minute or two.

So as an attempt to keep myself from laughing, I decided to strike up a conversation with my girls – all of whom look like they wanted to do something other than reading the same magazine pages over and over during their pedicures anyways.

“So Leesh, I know you love Pretty Little Liars, but if you’d ask me, I think it’s a little rude to keep a secret from your best friends,” I half-sarcastically chastised.

“What?” she asked, her head slightly tilted.

I rolled my eyes and set my phone down, her eyes still on me.

“Why didn’t you tell us about the dinner your mom’s planning for our families?  I mean, we totally could’ve been at the mall shopping earlier today looking for outfits before coming to get mani-pedis,” I jokingly shook my head.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.  My bad.  Want to go shopping after this?”

“La duh!  When do I ever say no to shopping?”

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Keep in mind, nothing is ever as it seems.  There’s always calm after a storm, but then again, there’s always calm before one too.

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High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Party In The Woods

The Abandoned Lake/Swimming Hole


lake swing

…Kuh-ris?!  Now that I was nawt expecting. 

I shrugged Bradley’s arm off of my shoulder and asked him to go get me another drink from the keg and drink cooler set-up in the bed of my friend’s red Ford truck before taking off to go congratulate the winner of the bet.  She saw me walking towards her, so she grabbed her towel from next to the tree trunk of the swing which she’d just jumped from and met me there.

“Takes guts, kid. I have to admit, I am proud though.  I really didn’t think anyone would beat Alicia to it.  Nice going!” I said, adding a wink to show I was proud of her newly apparent flirting abilities.  She perked up when she saw and smiled.

  “We’ll discuss prize details later at the iPad.  Don’t say anything to the others about your victory; I’ll announce it later when we’re all together again if they don’t says congrats before then.  But for now, who is this handsome daredevil you’re with?” I asked, as I motioned for him to come join us. 

A moving light caught my attention as I saw it in the distance just beyond the sliver of fence that was visible from where we were standing.  I held up my hand for him to stop in his tracks.  Something felt off, wrong, and most definitely out of place.  I inched closer to see if I could get a better look, Kristen at my heels. 

“Massie, could those be…?” she stuttered in a hushed tone so that only I could hear her. 

They sure were…

“Go grab your towel and find the rest of the girls. I’ll get everyone else out,” I commanded.

“But Ma-”


I saw her grab her hawtie’s hand and run to the fire pit where we last saw the others.  As soon as she disappeared out of my peripheral vision, I scurried over to the DJ’s table-booth and whispered instructions into his ear: “From what I’ve heard, you can add sound effects into the music. So right now you’re going to add a quick police siren sound effect to the current song as a signal to get everyone out of here.  Then you’re going to grab your laptop but keep the music playing through bluetooth and get yourself out of here, too.” 

I stared at him until he processed what he’d just heard me say.  I felt a slight wave of relief rush through my mind when he nodded his head and quickly sounded the sirens as I stood there next to him.  Not even a minute later was everyone running out of there, us included.  I grabbed my beach bag from the tree branch it hung on, sprinted to other side of the fence, and got myself out of there.  Once I was back on a sidewalk and closer to the parking lot where our cars were waiting, I shot off a quick text to the other girls in the PC.

Massiekur: iPad ASAP!!  C U soon

The Block Estate

Massie’s Room

aka The iPad


“Gawd, M. We were so worried about you!”Alicia shrieked while she ran over and squeezed me into a hug.

“Well I’m here and we’re all safe,” I responded in a reassuring tone…mentally adding the word ‘thankfully’ to that.

“Let’s just hope that the cops didn’t see us. Eh-ma-gawd what if they saw us? I can’t get into trouble, it’ll go on my record, I won’t get into Harvard, I won’t go to college, I could go to jail, I could–” Kristen started listing.

“Kuh-ris, breathe! No one’s getting into any trouble, so calm down,” I stopped her mid-sentence.  The girl looked like she was going to start hyperventilating if I hadn’t.

“What are we going to do?” Dylan asked, while her eyes and the eyes of the others stared at their leader, looking for an answer. 

“You know that old saying ‘it’s not illegal unless you get caught?’ ” I asked.  They nodded.  “Well, live by it.  As far as we’re concerned, we did nothing wrong.  And the GLUs who were there won’t tattle…they know just as well as we do that if one of us goes down, they will too.  Are we clear?”  They all nodded their heads once again in agreement.  “Good. Now go change into your pajamas and we’ll watch tv until we fall asleep.  Oh, and get some snacks for all of us after you change while I call the guys to make sure they’re safe, too.”

Bonjour wordpress lovelies,

Woah, crazy much?  Massie said she wanted to have a bad side, well it looks like trouble came with it.

Is the trouble over? Or is this only the beginning? You’ll have to see. ;)

My Pretty Committee is now officially full! Meet my new Dylan Marvil: AsToldByDylan!

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